blowing bubbles within bubbles

mas*ing presents Insulation, a set of objects, which can be used for privileging and layering the access which others have to our lives online. These objects are meant to be gifted to people we want to create a priviliged access to an online resource for.

It can facilitate limited-visibility interactions of peer-learning, community organizing and activism.

Insulation becomes a way for chasing noise in the autobiographical, allowing personal narratives online to become layered and aquire more depth. Read more text.


If you have access to the objects, you can visit the demo page. If not, you can mail me at and we can figure out how you can get access.


developed and initiated as a part of the OutResourcing project. OutResourcing is a collaborative research effort that is interested in understanding the flows of global production and exchange and the natures of the technical that evolve during this process. Kristoffer Gansing, Linda Hilfling, Meena Vari and Prayas Abhinav (me) are presently engaged with this research from the perspective of their own practise.

2012, Prayas Abhinav